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Dossier: CodeName: Motor city Stan Lee!

Oz Wilson is a lifelong lover of comic books, science fiction, horror and fantasy literature and films. His book "The Shadow Walker Chronicles" is a fresh new take on the Science Fiction genre. It's a soul stirring combination of "Roots" meets "Batman" made more thrilling with its supernatural aspect. Oz entered the 2004 National Writer’s Network annual competition, winning a semi-finalist award. His story, “The Cromwell: A Hip-Hop Haunting” was chosen as the basis for a film called “The Fury.” In June of 2009, Oz became a reporter for A national web magazine that covers news, art and pop culture. He covers comic book events in the Detroit area as its comic book "Examiner." He continues writing stories and screenplays. Oz also works as a comic book writer with a local organization called Detroit Tradecraft. It's goal is to promote literacy to children and young adults, also to instill and encourage creativity and the concept of bartering talents between artists and writers to help complete their individual projects. As the co-writer of "The Door," an urban take on C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia" Oz has received rave reviews and the 3rd issue in the series is due to be released soon. His self published novel "The Shadow Walker Chronicles" has been selected to be produced as a digital comic book for a Qabcom TV. A new internet communications company out of North Carolina. Most recently Oz was chosen as a screenwriter for Encode Media Group. A production company working on a new sci-fi television series for a new network. Oz continues to push the boundaries of the speculative fiction literary frontier and screenwriting in an effort to bring a constant barrage of stimulating adventures to his fans. He's also been selected by Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment company as a potential participant of a fellowship program for new writers.

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