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Other Works by Oz Wilson Jr. 


Oz has also written and co-wrote other thrilling works of science fiction and fantasy as well.  Below are projects that are in production and available at select venues.  Also film and television  projects owned by his Dark Rhino Productions L.L.C. and  available for option . 

Hybrid-121.  Created by Oz Wilson Jr. 

Film Script. 

Science created the perfect soldier, one problem; it doesn't follow orders!

A highly decorated but emotionally scarred alcoholic Special Forces officer is coerced into investigating this matter, unfortunately because his prey has abilities far beyond those of even the most powerful normal human, Torrence Winslow has to team up with what he hates the most, one of the beings that's responsible for the death of his wife and crippling his daughter.  If they can't work together then we all lose!

"Fury!" Based on "The Cromwell: A Hip -Hop Haunting." Created by Oz Wilson Jr.


Film Script.  "Story by " screen credit for "Fury." 


Party till you drop!  Dead!



"Fury" is a unique new take on the haunted house genre! This independent film won several  major awards on the indie black film circuit during its debut. "Fury" is based on Oz Wilson's "The Cromwell: A Hip-Hop Haunting."  A tale of lust, maddness and murder that spans decades and erupts into supernatural terror during one Halloween in a deserted old office building used as a "haunted house" for charity. 

A Date with Lillith

Film Script 

Ancient evil awakens in the near future in the form of a beautiful siren with one purpose: To plunge mankind into the depths of Hell! If she stops the 2nd Coming , then Lucifer wins! Only one thing stands in her way, a group of young misfits from the wrong side of the tracks. Each gifted with a particular skill that have banded together for survival against a cruel world that torments them unrelentingly . Armed with weapons created from their own minds and a little heavenly assistance These less than average individuals must now take up the gauntlet and defend humanity against a terror from its worst nightmare. If they fail then we all suffer the fury of a woman scorned by Heaven itself.

M.C. Big Daddy

Sitcom Pilot Script


Imagine the world's hottest Rapstar.  Owner of the biggest record lable in the country.  Picture beautiful models, actresses and women from all walks of life throwing themselves at you on a daily basis.  Top it all off with  being worth more  than most small nations.  Now due to a strange tragic twist of fate you're now the legal guardian and parental figure of two beatiful orphans! 


Now you have to trade the stripper poles for P.T.A.  meetings and Crystal for hot cocoa! That's M.C. Big Daddy, the funniest and most heartwarming new sitcom avaliable for option.  

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